Are you a regular at hackathons? Introducing /Hack 2.0


Love Hackathons? Participate in /Hack2.0

/Hack 2.0 - spawn novel solutions to create social impact!

** HackerEarth ** is a global hub where programmers build innovative hacks, compete in programming challenges and hackathons, and improve their programming skills. With over ** 1.5 million programmers ** from all over the world, we are one of the fastest growing developer communities.

In August 2016, we kicked off ** /hack**, a premier league hackathon. We received an overwhelming response with 2000+ applications from the US. It was a definite sign, telling us that we had to continue the /hack series which helped spawn novel solutions to create social impact.

And now, we’re back with something bigger and better - ** /Hack 2.0 ** . It’s your chance to demonstrate your programming skills while competing with the best developers in the world. The best thing is that the hackathon is online, from the comfort of wherever you want and hack it your way.

Last but not the least, we have prizes worth ** 7,000 USD ** to be won in cash and we have other goodies as well.

November 21st is the last day to participate in this challenge. So, don’t wait; grab the opportunity now!


All the best,
Team HackerEarth.

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