CitizensLab launches Website and Publication "Mapping New Forms of Civic Engagement in Europe"


CitizensLab proudly presents its new website! Find out more on what it is about and how it works

CitizensLab, the participatory European network of local actors of change from different sectors and contexts started its journey in March 2016.
Its members consider themselves a community of practice committed to changing the society in which we live to co-create a more participatory, diverse, transparent, inclusive, democratic and accountable Europe.

Informed and inspired by the diverse practices of its members and friends, CitizensLab also launches the
publication “Mapping New Forms of Civic Engagement in Europe” .

Authors from nine countries are exploring what is going on with ‘Project Europe.’ They document contemporary perspectives on citizen participation by analysing European tendencies and trends. They identify key movements engaged in the civic scene, and point out how civic actors are adapting to their changing national and European circumstances.

CitizensLab is coordinated by MitOst with the support of Stiftung Mercator, Robert Bosch Stiftung and the European Cultural Foundation.

You can also join us on Facebook and Twitter where we share lots of useful information and tools about citizen participation and systemic change.

Lisa Schulze – MitOst e.V.
Programmmitarbeiterin|Programme Officer

Alt-Moabit 90 I D-10559 Berlin
Tel: +49 - (0)30 - 31 51 74 - 87
Email: lisa.schulze(at)


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