EU-FOSSA 2: programa de recompensas detectando fallos de seguridad en aplicaciones OSS



EU-FOSSA 2: EU-Free and Open Source Software Auditing Community


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In 2014, security vulnerabilities were found in important Free Software projects. One of the issues was found in the Open Source encryption library OpenSSL . This type of software is called a library because it provides standard functions to a huge number of other softwares. And they subsequently suffered from the issue.

Since OpenSSL is also very important for the encryption of Internet traffic, it is also highly relevant to the protection of your personal communication, or your payment details when you’re shopping online.

The issue made lots of people realise how important Free and Open Source Software is for the integrity and reliability of the Internet and other infrastructure. Like many other organisations, institutions like the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission build upon Free Software to run their websites and many other things. But the Internet is not only crucial to our economy and our administration. It is the infrastructure that runs our every day lives. It is the means we use to retrieve information and to be politically active.

That is why my colleague Max Andersson and I started the Free and Open Source Software Audit project: FOSSA.

Una excelente oportunidad para ganarse unas perrillas para los apasionados de la seguridad informática.


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