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Wikipedia is humanity's richest source of public information. It is often viewed as an endless book, accessed mostly through Google searches.


As a kid, I loved hopping from page to page on Wikipedia. With a few curious clicks, I was transported to new worlds I would never have stumbled upon otherwise. The internet has given us access to an abysmal amount of knowledge; while familiar ideas are easy to find, little incentive is given to seek out the new and unexpected. I wanted the world to see Wikipedia through my eyes, to reveal the connective tapestry hidden behind every page.



This universe was formed thanks to a physics simulation, where tens of millions of links tied 250k articles together. As we stretch and tug at the fabric, knots form and cluster stars into themes/categories. Every editor's contribution took part in crystallizing articles into the resulting map, where proximity equates to related-ness.


Using this custom exploration engine, we are able to explore and investigate each star. Every click transports us across this universe, giving us visual feedback for every choice made. This is not meant as a replacement for Wikipedia, only as an added layer that gratifies curiosity and exploration. It is in my mind a tribute to Wikipedia, and the intricate beauty of collective thought.

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Muy bonito,

Me recuerda a los gráficos sobre la web semántica, otro concepto muy interesante donde la wikipedia está partiendo el bacalao :open_mouth:

un post fue trasladado a un nuevo tema: Iris AI will analyze it, present the key concepts, and link those with research papers