Info for interview

Dear all,

I am a researcher within the Joint Research Centre of the European
Commission and my studies focus on issues of scientific quality in
relation to the phenomena of “DIY science”, “citizen science”, “makers
movement” and the like, as to unveil the characteristics of these
non-conventional systems of knowledge production (makerspaces, fablabs,
virtual and real communities often aimed to address local problems).

The overall argument gravitates around the idea that scientific valid
outcomes are being produced even outside the academia and R&D centers.

At the moment I am considering some study cases for an ethnographic
study aimed at understanding internal applied practices to assess the
relevance and quality of community projects like yours. For that reason,
I thought to contact you and ask if you are available for a short Skype
interview (approx. 20 min) in which I would ask very informal questions
on your own experiences along the activities of the makerspace.

Sure enough, the interviews will be used anonymously and just for
research activities, without any direct reference to names and persons.

Nonetheless, we are setting up a makerspace ourselves inside a big
institution like ours, and we can even perhaps discuss possibilities for
collaboration, visits and future events.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further details,

Thank you for your time

Federico Ferretti

Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

Science and technology Studies (STS)


The sad thing is the activities we (HackLab Almería) have done related to citizen science is really very low.

Anyway. I (@olea) am open for the interview if you are still interested…

HI Ismael and thanks for replying,

i do not only concentrate on citizen science but on making activities
broadly, so if you are still interested… what you think of next friday



I’ll answer you privately.