Makerspace contest: ¡¡llamamiento!

Welcome to the 2016 Makerspace Contest! We started the Makerspace Contest last summer as a way to encourage makers all around the world to build and share together. It was a smash hit so we’re coming back for round 2. This contest will run from June 1st through August 31st.

Win amazing new tools for your shop and compete against makerspaces around the world to win over $50,000 in fantastic prizes from Epilog, Pocketnc, Ardusat, Makeblock, Prusa 3D, and 3D Hubs!!!

How do I enter?

  • Captains must register their team before anyone on the team can participate. Use this form. Once your team is registered, you will be given a unique code that must be used as a keyword for every project your team posts.
  • What qualifies as an Entry: You can enter ANY type of project, but the projects must have: multiple steps, full text descriptions in each step, and photos for each step.
  • What counts as a team? You must be a team of 5-20 located within 100 miles of each other to qualify for entering this contest.
  • What’s new this year? We are only doing group prizes. Team members must submit their projects to the contest when they publish them. You cannot hold onto entries to submit later and you cannot submit more than 50% of your entries during the last week of the Contest.
  • What do I need to do to get featured? The Featuring Guidelines explains everything we look for when we feature an Instructable.
  • Scoreboard- Every Monday we will update the scoreboard to show how many projects have been posted by each team. Check in to see where your team stands!

A ver, ¿quién se anima a capitanearnos?

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Es una oportunidad única para el HackLab Almería

Yo he participado en un par de ocasiones con un printbot. Es complicado ganar, pero puede ser divertido. La cosa es currarse bien el tutorial, que en mi caso se quedó cortito por falta de tiempo y conocimientos de la lengua de shakespeare!
Aqui mi muñecajo:

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WOW, me encantaria participar con la pequeña Booleanbitor !

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Si hace fallta un buen soldador, tiro el que tengo y me compro uno nuevo. Apuntadme!

Mooola, el PEA podría entrar?