MEPs from across the political spectrum resist the plan to make “censorship machines” mandatory in the EU


Imagine if every time you opened your mouth, computers controlled by big companies would check what you were about to say, and have the power to prevent you from saying it.

A new legal proposal would make this a reality when it comes to expressing yourself online: Every clip and every photo would have to be pre-screened by some automated “robocop” before it could be uploaded and seen online.

In the European Parliament, we’ve been fighting against upload filters.
Fighting against the establishment of such censorship machines.
Fighting to defend your freedom of speech.

We want to have the internet as a free, open public space.

Upload filters are completely disproportionate!
And we know that these automated systems are not perfect.

There will be probably many unintended consequences.

We’ve seen filters fail again and again. They’ve deleted everything from documentation of human rights abuses, perfectly legal educational content, and, in one case, even a video of a purring cat!

When I uploaded a political speech here in the European Parliament, YouTube took it down – and I still don’t know why or on what grounds.

Filters can’t tell the difference whether you’re breaking the law or actually exercising your human rights.

They will block first and ask questions later. You’ll be guilty until proven innocent. Big companies will hold all of the power.

Only the biggest platforms can afford them – European competitiors and small businesses will struggle.

They will not help artists get paid.

The good news is: We can still stop these plans!

The most important vote is still to come. We need you to raise your voice now!

Speak out …while you can still do so unfiltered!