Peer Community In Evolutionary Biology (PCI Evol Biol)


Bueno, (para mi gozo) acabo de descubrir que en realidad en mi área no estamos tan mal:

What is Peer Community In Evolutionary Biology?

Peer Community in Evolutionary Biology (PCI Evol Biol) is a community of researchers working in Evolutionary Biology who review and recommend articles publicly available from preprint servers (such as bioRxiv) and recommend a selection of already published articles in conventional journals.
This project was driven by the desire to establish a free public system for recommending articles in Evolutionary Biology.
PCI Evol Biol is the first community of the parent project Peer Community In, an original idea of Denis Bourguet, Benoit Facon and Thomas Guillemaud. Click here to find out the economic model of PCI Evol Biol and here to know what is the policy of academic journals concerning PCI Evol Biol.

Key features of PCI Evol Biol

Stimulating: PCI Evol Biol will recommend remarkable articles.

Free: there will be no fees associated with the recommending process, and no charge for access to the comments and recommendations. The website will be freely accessible.

Transparent: Comments (for articles published in traditional journals), reviews and accompanying texts (for articles deposited in open archives) justifying the recommendations are freely available for consultation. Comments and accompanying texts are signed by the recommenders proposing the recommendation of the text. Reviews may be signed if the reviewers agree to do so.

Flexible and simple: The Managing Board does not intervene in the process (i.e. it does not act as an editorial committee), other than to resolve problems between authors and the recommenders of their articles and to check the quality of the format and deontology of reviews and recommendation.

Not exclusive: An article may be recommended by different Peer Communities in X (a feature of particular interest for articles relating to multidisciplinary studies) and may even be published in a classical journal.

Elsevier gana el juicio contra Sci-Hub

Si es lo que imagino, debería ser un servicio de revisiones independiente del área de conocimiento :-m